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Purpose of Field Experiences

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Purpose of Field Experiences

The Purpose of A Field Experience is....

The purpose of field experiences in teacher education programs is to provide experiences for prospective teachers in diverse settings, and allow them to observe, question and participate in the educational process.  According to Leslie Hurling, in her article in the ERIC digest titled, “Early Field Experiences in Teacher Education,”  “Quality teacher education programs provide candidates with many early field experiences in diverse settings.” These experiences allow teacher education students to observe, question, and participate in the real classroom settings. The experiences provide students not only with a prospective mentor, but also give the students the opportunity to experience and work with different types of school programs, philosophies, students and staffs.

       Field experiences are a pre-asset in pre-service teacher preparation because they provide ample opportunities for the teacher education students to observe, participate, and student-teach. It is a pre-asset because it allows the teacher education to gain confidence before entering the field by allowing the prospective teacher to work with different students, and it also allows the prospective teacher to examine and test different teaching styles. It serves as a foundational tool for beginning teachers because they can always go back to what they learned during their field experience. It helps the prospective teacher to test different teaching strategies, and also a sense of familiarity with lesson plans and overall classroom structure.     

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